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Webinar: Avoid Invaluable Media Loss with eMAM & B2 May 24th. 11:00 AM EST. Register

Making better use of your content with VoiceBase and eMAM. July 16th at 8:00 PM EST and July 17th at 11:00 AM EST. Register

Broadcast Asia: Booth 4Q3-07. June 26-28. Suntec. Singapore.

Webinar: eMAM integrations with Amazon for storage, processing, transcoding, AI, and archive.
July 10 11AM EST OR July 11 10:30PM EST. Register

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eMAM is a fully cloud enabled system, with solutions designed to meet your needs
  • No expensive hardware, costly IT staff, and special internet connections are needed. See why some prefer OPEX monthly payments over large CAPEX purchases
    • No expensive hardware, costly IT staff, and special internet connections are needed. See why some prefer OPEX monthly payments over large CAPEX purchases (see )
    • Cloud based systems have universal accessibility from any connected device, with easy to use web browser interfaces.
    • They have dedicated high speed bandwidth that can dynamically adapt to changing needs. Optional file acceleration speeds the upload and download of files.
    • Key benefits of online, off-site solutions are physical and digital security, facility diversity and redundancy, 24x7 power availability, and analytics.
    • Full media asset management tools (preview, browse, search, annotate, comment, send and share) are available to empower staff and customers.
    • Integrated solutions can tie together your workflows with best in breed technology partnerships (see )
    • Learn more about packages.
  • eMAM can run in a public or private cloud system
    • eMAM can run on any Windows physical or virtual servers including: Amazon Cloud, Microsoft Cloud, your private cloud, or a variety of other cloud providers.
    • eMAM has a number of packages designed for different needs: eMAM EZ for a small group, eMAM Vault for archive management, eMAM Workgroup for complete workflow management, and scaled eMAM Enterprise to meet the demands of even the largest organizations. To compare look at (see )
    • eMAM + XenData Cloud: See how Empress and XenData can provide the security are reliability of an LTO archive library, large storage capacity as a low cost turnkey cloud system, without purchasing your own hardware.(www.empressmam.blogspot.com)
  • eMAM systems installed on premise can easily manage cloud storage, archive, and delivery
    • eMAM can send and store content in cloud storage “buckets” including Amazon S3 storage.
    • eMAM can send content to content delivery networks (CDNs) for high availability and distribution needs.
    • eMAM can offer a hybrid package. A local/on premise system manages the native resolution content, linked with cloud based system for sharing proxies. The cloud proxies provide universal access for sharing and collaboration, while the linked local system can automatically manage, transcode, and deliver the native resolution media as needed. This provides the best of both worlds.
  • Watch a recent cloud webinar here Watch Now
  • A blog post about cloud options
  • Simple configuration from the SuperAdmin console for storage, ingest and processing locations and delivery paths, both initially and as they may change in the future gives you flexibility to define and change your workflows.
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