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Webinar. Editing in the cloud and with the cloud.
October 10 11AM EST or October 11 3AM EST.Register

Webinar. Choose to choose with artificial intelligence.
October 23 3AM EST or October 23 11AM EST. Register

Webinar. Migrating legacy archives.
November 14 11AM EST or November 15 3AM ESTRegister

Webinar. eMAM Online…. media magic.
December 5 11AM EST or December 6 3AM EST.Register

Trade shows

IBC. RAI Amsterdam. September 13-18 7.D27 and 7.B25

NAB East. Javits Center, New York. October 17-18

Broadcast India. Bombay Exhibition Center. October 25-27

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Why cloud?
  • “The cloud” means somebody else’s hardware. Your organization or department may not want the overhead, complexity, or inflexibility of buying, setting up, and supporting hardware.
  • Public cloud providers offer best in class security, high uptime reliability, and easy scaling of hardware as needed. Cloud systems let you share media quickly and reliably.
  • With the rapid changes in technology, cloud offerings can provide you the newest features. If you purchase on premise hardware, it may take you longer to capitalize on new technology.
  • The cloud OPEX spending model where system billing directly matches use may be better for your needs.
Why not the cloud?
  • If all your content is in the cloud, you have no access when your internet goes down.
  • Your organization security policy may not allow content to be stored outside of the organization’s control.
  • Last mile: it may just take too long for you to upload and download content to a cloud system, especially for high resolution original camera content. Video editors need high speed connectivity to mezzanine or high resolution content to work effectively.
  • Storage costs: it may cost you too much money to store a large volume of content every month. There may be lower cost on premise solutions based on your needs: the cheapest is tapes on the shelf, which have a 30 year life span and no monthly costs.
Why eMAM for the cloud?

The flexibility of the eMAM system allows users to capitalize on the advantages of cloud based systems for some of their storage and workflows, while still using on premise hardware when it is more suitable. With a service oriented architecture, eMAM can run on both cloud or on premise servers. Both native resolution and proxy content can be stored in any combination of on premise or cloud locations as needed.

eMAM Vault, eMAM Publish, eMAM Workgroup, and eMAM Enterprise are software systems that can all be used on premises, in the cloud, or as hybrid deployment. eMAM Online is a SaaS (software as a service) offering where Empress manages the software and the storage: customers pay only for their use of the system.

Both the number of integrated cloud providers continues and their value of their offerings continue to improve over time. eMAM provides you the flexibility to run a complete, partial, or non-cloud system and then change easily in the future.

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