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“The cloud” means somebody else’s hardware. Leading technology companies provide compelling options for public cloud infrastructure and processes, that become more compelling and affordable over time.

Why cloud?
  • Access: easily connect staff, partners, and customers into one system
  • Innovation not depreciation: leverage new developments from leading providers including AI/ML, instead of using hardware and systems that lose value over time
  • Scalability: OPEX-pay as you go, so you do not need to pay for unneeded capacity
  • Minimize overhead: reduce labor cost to support local systems
Why not the cloud?
  • Last mile: it may just take too long for you to upload to the cloud-especially original camera content. Video editors need high speed connectivity to the original media.
  • Storage cost: the cheapest option for a huge archive is local LTO tapes.
  • Disconnects: you may have key local systems that cannot easily connect with cloud systems
  • Security: although public cloud systems include world-class security protections, your organization may have specialized requirements that preclude or restrict their use

eMAM allows organizations to leverage some or all of the power of the cloud, so they can use cloud infrastructure (including storage, processing, and transmission) and the numerous tools and services (orchestration, artificial intelligence/machine learning, transcoding, publishing, etc) available in the cloud. eMAM’s extensive integrations and service-oriented architecture allows organizations to use a system that effectively meets their needs and can easily change as needed.


eMAM can run as a cloud-system

  • Customers can order eMAM Cloud Service and eMAM Cloud Platform directly from the Amazon AWS Marketplace
  • Organizations can set up cloud infrastructure to run eMAM Vault, eMAM Publish, eMAM Workgroup, and eMAM Enterprise
eMAM can run as a hybrid-system
  • Organizations can set up one or more application servers to manage processes and infrastructure in the cloud
  • Additional application servers running locally work seamlessly with the cloud servers
eMAM can use cloud services
  • Local systems can store (usually) proxy media copies for users in other locations to easily access the media
  • The original media is stored in local storage and archive systems.