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Webinar. News and Broadcast Workflows with eMAM and Octopus. Feb 16 10 AM or 8 PM EST Register

Webinar. Editing and Management of Live Streaming with Scale Logic, Telestream, Adobe, and Katapy. Feb 22 11AM EST. Register or 9PM EST Register

Webinar. Collaborative editing with Adobe Premiere. March 15 10AM EST or 9PM EST. Register


NAB 2017. April 24-27. Booth SL14509. Las Vegas Convention Center. Las Vegas, Nevada

Broadcast Asia. May 23-25. Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre. Singapore

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Create Automated Triggers

A new Workflow tab in the Super Admin Console creates automated workflows triggered by one or more actions or conditions.

Expanded Proxy Player.

Now with Subtitles/CC and selectable audio tracks and video playback qualities.

Nexidia Dialogue Search.

eMAM can use Nexidia to find and then cue to where a particular word or phrase was spoken.

Delivery to Digital Platforms: OTT, VOD, Roku, and more

Using an automated workflow, a change in metadata, or drag/drop to the delivery widget, eMAM can deliver to any of these:

  • Social media. eMAM users with permission can quickly generate sharable or embeddable links for publishing to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, or LinkedIn.
  • Custom sites. eMAM can deliver assets with a video player to an existing web site, or a new interactive portal developed by Empress or others .
  • Distribution partners. One button delivery to Netflix, Hulu, Direct TV, iTunes, and more.
  • OVPs and cloud systems. Brightcove, Katapy, and Muvi Studio offer standard tools for publishing to web, multiple channels and devices (Roku, FireTV, etc); managing subscriptions and ad insertions; measuring and controlling distribution; adaptive bit rate streaming; and more.
  • CDNs. Content delivery networks power the mass distribution and download of content from multiple cloud storage locations. These include Akamai and Limelight as well as broader cloud platforms including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.
  • Packaging and processing systems. Encoding.com and other platforms can generate multi format delivery. Telestream Vantage with Post Producer and other integrated offering can coordinate the multiple packet deliveries to multiple destinations with correct bumpers, captioning, language, and graphic bugs.
Axis Camera Capture.

eMAM has a customized interface to easily control an Axis camera from any location, pull key information from third party databases, and tag the content.

  • HTML 5 Upload Manager can now upload folders and files of any size.
  • XML Metadata sidecar ingest.
  • Safe archive and deletion: projects are scanned to ensure needed files are not moved.
  • Transcripts (Web VTT) can be uploaded and synched with video. Ask us about options for transcription and captioning.
  • Integrations with Spectra Logic BlackPearl 3.0, Adobe CC 2015, HP WebTrends analytics, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, and Quantum StorNext and Storage Manager.
  • Android app in Play Store, iPAD app in App Store.
  • New turquoise workspace theme.
  • Workflow priority settings for ingest, archive, and delivery jobs.
  • Optimized eMAM Feeder will auto detect the fastest connection.