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Colgate-Palmolive selects eMAM as the solution for Media Asset Management

Colgate has been utilizing multimedia to communicate to its employees for over 30 years, resulting in an abundance of media assets on a variety of tape formats. This rich media was in danger of deterioration and access to the content was challenging as the equipment necessary to playback the older formats became obsolete and difficult to find.

eMAM provides a powerful front end management system for Ideas del Sur

managing content in Avid ISIS and IBM TS3500 LTO system using Avid Transfer Manager and SGL FlashNet.

Ideas del Sur is the largest broadcaster in Argentina With a staff of 400 producing original television content for its TV stations. A local system integrator worked to develop a system using eMAM as a front end browse interface with media asset management tools to manage content storage between nearline Avid Unity ISIS storage and a IBM TS3500 robotic LTO archive system.

Major broadcaster turns to eMAM Online to solve international media distribution issues

One of the world’s largest broadcast organizations was searching for a vendor who could, through close cooperation and excellent service, develop and launch a centralized asset management platform to aid in the business of international distribution. The business unit needed to identify and develop a method of streamlining the distribution of program assets, resulting in the ability to share video and audio content, captioning files, scripts, photos and much more, which were currently being shared via multiple FTP sites, share drives, emails and mailings. They turned to Empress to provide a centralized cloud based MAM solution in a SAAS model called eMAM™ Online.